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This story is about a wonderful woman by the name of Elaine. She was a daughter, mother, grandmother, sister, and great friend. She was most importantly my mom, who I love very much.

The Story...It all began with my mom's 53rd birthday dinner in Feb of 2008, we went out to dinner and the next day mom has terrible 'gas'. Stomach hurts and took Tums and next day a little better but still 'sore' in the mid area of her stomach. April 2008, getting fatigued more often and complaining of stomach pains after eating. It is difficult for her to sleep as the pain is bad when she lies down. Off to the doctor she goes only to be told that she had 'acid reflux'. Given the 'purple pill' and sent home. May 2008, stomach pains are getting worse and begins to miss work now. Mom was a very active woman who never ever called out of work, I began to really think something is wrong.

Mom goes to doctor and she has an upper GI and was told that all seemed clear but she had H Pylori. She was put on the 2 week antibiotic treatment and after the treatment felt better but not the best. June 2008, two weekend trips to the emergency room. Has hidascan, ultrasound, bloodwork, etc. All clear. Given darvocet and sent home yet again.

July 2008 Pain worsens, mom begins missing church, which she never does, misses going to take care of her 78 year old father, which she never does, misses more work, which she never does, and is not able to take care of her precious grandson, which she would never do. Back to the doctors...she cries her eyes out and says tha tsomething is deathly wrong and she is not leaving until they tell her what it is.

MRI scheduled for August 14th. Has the MRI done and the GI doctor doesn't call back with the results. She calls and calls and finally 2 weeks later the doctor calls back and asks that she come in for a visit. She was told that she has a suspicious mass on the tail of her pancreas and that she needs to have a biopsy. Biopsy scheuled and then they called and cancelled to reschedule because they needed to change hospitals due to insurance or some crazy reason. In the mean time mom is still losing weight (30 pounds so far), getting weaker and still unable to eat very many foods without pain.

She complains that her legs are hurting and she does to get a scan of her legs...Was told she has fibromyalgia...WHAT???

Long story short...October 4th. Mom is at the car wash getting her car detailed and has a stroke right there at the car wash. We rush her to the hospital where they say, no it wasn't a stroke but we will put you on blood thinners as a precaution. Next day...of it is your heart, we need to do a heart catherization so we are taking you off the blood thinners...Well guess what...another stoke. October 12th, I remember mom was complaining of her legs hurting so they did a leg scan...low and behold...her legs are full of blood clots. They didn't know where this was coming from.

Did a CT scan and there is the PC and it is also two spots on the liver. This is now October 15th...The day our life changed. Adenocarcinoma Pancreatic Cancer. It is inoperable. We were sent home the very same day under hospice care. They kicked us out of the hospital.

Mom fought so couragously and never complained. Her faith truly sustained her through out this. She read her bible and said that God's will will be done. I am and was so amazed at her and the example she always showed my sister and I. She was an amazing woman and I am so proud to be her daughter and her caregiver. I just wish we were MORE persistant and that the doctors could have diagnosed her sooner. I miss her terribly.

My mom, Elaine passed away at the age fo 53 on December 12, 2008 at 5:50am after a 2 month battle with PC. I love her and miss her as well as her other daughter, father, grandson, and only brother.

Posted 01/13/2009 04:46 pm by Terri C.
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