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CAROLINE - Husband dtx 2008

My husband was diagnoised January 2008 with stage IV pancreatic cancer at 59-years old. He was not a surgical candidate since there was vein involvement and mets throughout his abdominal caviety. He never complains and had only one or two very bad moments. The first, the day he received the news and the second time when he thought he would not make his daughter's wedding.

He began treatment with gemzar and tarceva, then gemzar and oxiliplatin. He did very well on these combinations. Our greatest challenge was the recurring bowel obstructions.

As I write, he has a JG-peg and has not been eating for two months. He receives a 100% of his nutrition in the form of TPN administered over a 12-hour period. He also now receives pain control through a second lumin on his PIC line.

He is an inspiration and a joy in my life.

Posted 11/28/2008 12:07 pm by Caroline
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