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My wonderful husband of 43 years passed away on Dec. 7, 1999. He was diagnosised on May 24, 1998 with pancreatic cancer. He was almost 69 years old. He had a wipple procedure done on June 5, 1998 at Johns Hopkins Hospital. He had 20 radiation and 18 chemo treatments. He had several setbacks along the way of treatment but he had a wonderful outlook on life. His doctor said he inspired him because of his additude. He kept saying he was doing OK and was going to make it. He did until May of 1999 when he was diagnosised with Lung cancer. He started a new treatment of gemzar but the gemzar played hard on his blood and kidneys. He fought a hard battle. He had a good quality of life up untill three weeks before he passed away. We know he lived longer than he could have because of his wonderful outlook and his trust in God and prayer. We were able to make several trips to Florida with out family. This has been really hard on our family. There is not a day that I don't think about him and the wonderful life we had together.I cry just over very minor things.But with the help of God and prayers and my family and friends I am going to make it. Some days I wonder.But they say time will heal.It is so hard to go on with out him, but I know I have to. Please keep me in your payers.

Posted 03/20/2000 02:43 pm by Arlene
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