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Mark passed away 12/25/2007. He played out at a local tavern one week before he passed. He lived his life to the fullest till the very end.

Mark was sceduled to begin a trial as we had exhausted the treatments that he could tolerate. As his cancer progressed the treatments got more toxic. His quality of life started to diminish.

He was on a break for a few weeks as he was waiing for the trial to begin. He was approved the day after he passed.

One of the last things Mark asked me was 'So, whats getting me? The cancer or something else?' I told him it was his kidney's not the cancer.Mark did pass from renal failure due to dehydration. Of course PC was the cause.We felt in our hearts that PC did NOT have it's way with him. He passed before things spread to far. His passing was peaceful and he was surrounded by loved ones.he was not in pain. He was admitted to the hospital on a Tuesday and alert right up untill the day before he passed. I am extremly proud of my husband and for the strength and courage he showed on this long 3 year journey.

Those of you that are still in this battle or just starting your journey..DON'T ever give up..someone has to make it, it could be you or your loved one. Remember 'YOU ARE A STATISTIC OF ONE'

Posted 02/19/2008 12:11 pm by Kim(Vt)
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