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My husband 53yrs.old,was diagnosed on Sept. 15,2006,with stage 4, pancreatic cancer, metasized to liver,lung and outside stomach wall, gallblatter. He is my hero! We have been married for 24 yrs. We are raising our two young granddaughters,in which we adopted them in 2003! In the begining they told us to go home and get things in order, for he had 1 month without treatment to live, with treatment 3 to 6 months, if we were lucky! You can imagine our dispair. Suddenly our world was torn apart. But he said from the begining he was ready to fight and survive longer than they had given him! Of course he was not a canidate for surgery, as there was metasizism and vein involvement. Although we have had some bumpy roads, he is still with us and is doing quite well! He has actually gained back 35lbs. of the 85lbs. he had lost! You see he was a big burly man in the begining! He never complained of pain or aches! Just all of a sudden turned jaundice and lost 25lbs in 1 week! We have been blessed with precious time and cherish every minute we have with him! He is now 15 months out and doing very well! Chemo, GTX has little side effects on him! Tumors are staying the same and some appear to be shrinking! God has blessed us with time together! I stopped working,althiugh times financially are really tough, I prefer to spend every last moment with him that I can! So, so much for their diagnoses! His moto is 'don't worry about yesterday's and tommorrow's might not come' SO WE LIVE TODAY FOR TODAY!

Posted 12/07/2007 09:11 pm by Randivt
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