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It's taken me a while to write this.

My mum Shirley Cooper, who was diagosed Oct 05 - had a whipple, then 6 months 5Fu, then then mets to her liver diagnosed August 06 - followed by Gemzar with Xeloda for 6 months, died August 22 - 07 at 1.20pm in my and my brothers arms at her home in the country in Australia...looking out at the birds who were sitting on the kangaroo paws....She was in no pain...she seemed quite peaceful...and the birds stopped singing when she died. They really did.

And we are over come with grief that we couldn't save her.

She was 72, but looked in the last couple of months like she was 14 and a half.

She approached her illness with such amazing strength and force of will, refusing to accept she would die...that when she did, even though we knew she would, it is, was, will alway be totally heartbreaking...

But she lives on, in the trees, in her garden, in the vegetables she planted and the dogs she loved....and in us.

I have been on this board since she was diagnosed..seeking answers, seeking cures....

I wish that we had found some, and I truly pray that all of you will find a cure. This cancer is mean and sneaky and ugly. Don't give up. Just because one of us dies, does not mean you have to.....!!!

We have to feel proud, and perhaps strengthened that we are all connected by having to deal with the really tough stuff we have had to deal with.

And feel strong - strong because I don't think you are given anything that you cannot deal with.

I wish everyone on this board the best best best of luck and I thank you all for the help you have given me over this time.

WIth Love


Posted 09/19/2007 06:43 am by Dany Cooper
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