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Ian is 47, was always in super health. Christmas, 1999 Ian was admited into the hospital to see what was causing his jaundice and abdomial pain. It took them three weeks to figure he had a "blockage of the bile duct". They inserted a stent (do you believe it - with no anesthetic or local or anything, he dolts!!) to relieve the bile. They did surgery Jan 24, 99 to remove the obstruction. The surgeon took one look and sewed him back up. He referred Ian to Sylvester Cancer Center at Jackson in Miami. Because of the incredible weightloss, they were going to fatten Ian up with a liquid venous diet through a port inserted into his chest. While putting this port in, they punctured his lung. 4 long days trying to fix that problem. I drove him to Miami, the next day he had a Whipple. Released from the hospital in a week. From Feb through October 99, Ian was geting healthier loking, gaining weight and we traveled and had fun. He refused all aftercare, chemo, etc. Since November, he is getting sicker and sicker and is losing weight. Finally we went and he got a local oncologist (through Holy Cross Hospital Biennes Cancer Cener in Ft. Lauderdale). He has mets large, numerous) in his liver, perineural involvement, etc. The chemo port goes in next week. His protocol is 6 weeks/1 time per week, then 1 on, wo weeks off. This sounded like a pat answer. We'll see...

Posted 01/27/2000 03:11 pm by Valan
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