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It was the year of 2007. Our dad had decided to move to Hawaii to be closer to our aunt and her husband. He was having a bunch of pain before he left for Hawaii so he told us he would get checked up there and let us know what was wrong. A few weeks later our aunt had called my sisters and me to let us know that our dad had been in the hospital for a few days and the doctors were saying that he had pancreatic cancer. We were all shocked, and I didn't realize it was untreatable. It was already at the last stage. We decided to go to Hawaii to spend time with our dad, He was released from the hospital and was told hospice would be by to give him medicines he needed and to be there with him in this time of need. While we were there it didn't even seem like he was sick. We spent a week up there with him and enjoyed ever second of it. We left from Hawaii the 14th of May and he was still doing well. When we got home we called him everyday to see how he was, a few weeks passed and Our aunt had told us it was getting bad he was barely getting out bed and wasn't eating well. We were all scared and didn't want to lose him. On June 15th I called to wish him a Happy 43rd Birthday but he couldn't talk so I just told my aunt to tell him for me, I called back the next day and they told me that he wasn't going to make it much longer he only had a few hours left I told them to tell Our dad that we all loved him. The next morning on Fathers Day June 17th 2007 my sister had called me and told me he had passed away that morning. I miss our dad so much. He is in a much better place looking down at his 3 daughters every day thanking god he dosen't feel any pain. We love you dad and miss you so much!

Posted 08/04/2007 07:04 pm by HIS THREE DAUGHTERS
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