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I am a 64 year old female living in Ohio. In early May or June of 1995 I started having indigestion and pain in my abdoman and back. The GI doc thought it was an infection in my stomach and treated me with antibiotics. Went to a different GI and he did an ERCP which showed a mass on the pancreas. I went to University Hospitals in Cleveland, Ohio where they did a needle aspiration of Pancreas and result was malignant cells derived from adenocarcinoma. Tumor was involved with portal & splenic vein and was inoperable. Then jaundice set in and a stent was placed in the bile duct. They advised that chemo was the only treatment and the drug they were using was 5FU. I heard about a clinical trial at the NCI at NIH in Bethesda, Maryland. I was accepted and treatment was to start in February 1996. On February 14, I developed gastric outlet obsruction with constant vomiting. A grastrojejunostomy was performed and a feeding tube was placed and a celiac nerve block was performed with ethanol injection.I started on Gemcitabine (Gemzar) and radiation on Feb 19, 1996. By March 1996, I was still throwing up every day and the feeding tube was not working. I was then given a PICC line for nutrition and went home with this in place.CT done in May 1996 showed tumor had shrunk and there were no visible mets. All through 1996 and 1997 everything looked good. Felt good, had energy and weight gain. Then in July 1998 CT showed a lesion on the liver and biopsy confirmed this was met from PC. Radio Frequency Ablation was performed. In Sept 1998, I went back on Gemzar. In Dec 1998 scan showed liver mass larger. Since there was only one met visible, a liver resection was performed. Released from hospital on 4-23-99. Recovered well and had been living a normal life. Then in early November started experiencing pain in back on right side and abdominal pain. CT shows a lesion outside the liver and now I must make a decision about having surgery again and going back on chemo.During all my illness, my husband has been my caregiver and doing a wonderful job.

Posted 12/27/1999 02:12 pm by Neelie
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