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My dad, James Perucci died of PC one week ago, he was only 60. His will to live was so strong that he was able to live with the disease for 20 months. He endured the painful effects of chemo up until two months before he died when he was told that the tumors had “escaped treatment”. My sister, Libeth was his primary caregiver and she lovingly cared for him everyday. She dutifully prepared his meals, made sure he took his medication, reminded him to bathe and spent endless hours just sitting with him, making sure he was not lonely. We painfully admitted that he needed hospice on Feb. 8th and my dad died two weeks later. San Diego Hospice was wonderful! I am so thankful we had the opportunity for my dad to pass in such a safe, comfortable and caring environment. Although we knew he would die from PC, I was not prepared to say good-bye. My dad unconditionally loved me, my sister and my daughter Brittany, so much. We could feel his love! I know he was not ready to leave us and we were not ready for him to go. His customers also loved my dad, an HVAC business owner. When we phoned them to let them know that he had cancer and was unable to be of further service, EVERY customer said what a wonderful person he was! My dad took great pride in doing the right thing, being a good person and a positive roll model. He worked hard every day of his life to provide for us and make sure that we were well taken care of. He loved to shop (Target and Swap Meet were his favorite) and loved finding odd and unusual treasures to give as gifts…the more unusual the better. He took great pride in being able to find the most obscure treasures and always had a big smile on his face when he presented his gift to you. I do find peace in knowing that he is no longer suffering but my heart is still broken, I am not ready to not have my dad. I am so fortunate to of had him as a dad! He was always a part of our lives and loved being our dad as much as we loved him being our dad. I am angry that the disease won but mostly I am sad for all of our loss! I love you dad and appreciate everything you have done for us. I am proud to call you my dad and promise to make you proud. Thank you for being such a good dad and papa. I miss you so much!

Posted 03/02/2007 08:25 pm by Jenna Perucci
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