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Daddy was told he had PC the Monday after Thanksgiving in Nov. 2004. He had complained of back pain for several months prior, but the doctors never found the PC until it was too late. He took chemo and radition and had just finished his first round of treatments when he begain going down hill.The last week he was alive the doctors gave him fluids and several pints of blood. He went into the hospital on a Friday night. My Mom called me from the hospital and I spoke to my Daddy for a few minutes while she filled out the paperwork to admit him. They told him they thought he had an ulcer. I got a bad feeling later that night and decided to drive the 3 hours over to Tennessee to go to the hospital to see Daddy. I got there aroung 11 PM and had a good 30 minute talk with Daddy and we all thought everything was going to be ok. Four hours later he was gone He was given 3 months and he passed away a few days short of three months on 2/19/2005. He was 72 years old. He passed away with my Mom, me and my two sisters by he side. I had my hand on his heart when he took his last breath. It was really weird, but about 30 minutes before he passed away he opened his eyes and stared directly into my Moms eyes, he never spoke he just stared into her eyes. We all were telling him that it was ok to let go, one time my Mom asked him if the Lord had his arms around him and he whispered yes. I know in my heart that God was in that room that night, I felt him there. I know God was helping us thru this. Earlier in the night my Dad had two siezures and thru up alot of blood, both times me and my sisters were in the waiting room, my Mom saw it but we didn't. I know God was watching out for us. At my Dads funeral I asked his doctor if my Dad had any chance at all. The doctor told me not really, he said the chemo and radition had prolonged my Daddys life. Looking back I say if it were me I wouldn't take the treatments, but you know, if Daddy hadn't I might not have been there the night he passed away and I don't think I could have lived with myself. In that room that night I saw the good and the bad. I saw what an ugly disease PC is, the last hour my Daddy was living wasn't pretty, but I also saw one of the hardest working, kindest, soft spoken men you would ever meet die in the arms of his family and God. And you know tow years later that is what I think about, not the bad part just the good! I hope this helps someone, it helped me. God Bless you and your family if you are dealing with a family member that has PC.

Posted 02/11/2007 01:33 pm by David In NC
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