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I am a 62 Y/o female. In 2003 I lost my 86 y/o dad. In 2005 I lost my 82 y/o mom. I have been in nursing for 40 yrs. I was working in the nursing center where my mom was. I had started loosing wt during this time, but thought it was the stress of work & caring for parents. Had back pain under lt shoulder, nausea, & no appetite. I was not aware of pancreatic cancer at all. Pain became so bad, ended up in ER on 9/29/04. They treated the pain,& suggested I see my family Dr. Got appt. that day. He scheduled GB series. Was OK. Next day scheduled CT. Ct showed tumor with metastatic encasement of the celiac aterial trunk & branching vasculature. Saw the surgeon & scheduled for exploratory surg. Unable to remove, but biopsy positive for carcinoma. After 6 weeks recoperation from surg. started chemo with Gemar in Nov 2004. I was TOLD prognosis was about 2 yrs. & the chemo would only keep the tumor from spreading. In Feb. 2005 CT scan showed tumor shrunk a little. My oncologist was reserved & said 'it was just a little bit'. I said 'I'll take it'. On 5/16/2005 CT showed tumor resolved. My oncologist was very surprised & stated 'You know this isn't the norm' I stated ' And God doesn't always work in the norm'. I have had a great support group of family, friends, & even strangers. I have been married 43 yrs. My husband has had serious medical problems for last 11 yrs. I have cared for him at home. I stayed active & did volunteer work at different places during chemo txs. as I felt like it. I believe in being positive to help in the healing. On 3/16/2006 Ct scan showed new mass with hydronephrosis bilatterally. Meaning the lymph nodes were enlarged in the pelvis, blocking the uretors, & causing the urine to be retained in the kidneys. Saw the urologist & had stents placed for 6 wks. Took chemo txs during this time. Next CT showed tumor shrunk a little. Lymph nodes shrunk. Had stents removed. On 11/16/2006 CT showed tumor gone. Each of the tumors were in different areas. First on tail, Second on head. I am not actively working, but still do volunteer work for different areas. I can at least call people if I don't feel like getting out. My CA19-9 results are slowly climbing again, but I will cross that bridge later. I live in Ada, OK. pop around 15,000. We have a good rural hospital & are so blessed to have oncology here. I have so many 'chemo friends' that have to travel for their txs & know how taxing the trip can be. I pray for a cure of this & all cancers.

Posted 01/10/2007 10:01 am by Jean/OK
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