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It's been almost one year since they diagnosed my dad, Jerry, with PC. His symptoms started so typical: Abdominal pain, back pain, loss of appetite, etc. We figured it was nothing to be concerned about, after all, he was 58 years old, active, healthy, ate his 5 fruits and veggies everyday. But when that ultrasound came back, he knew what it was. His brother died of PC when he was in his 40's. There is no other way to describe that day he was told the prognosis except: devistating. Pancreatic cancer, stage 4, mets to the liver, inoperable,6-10 months to live. That was the first time I ever saw my dad cry. He went for chemo (5-FU, gemcitibine, and leucovoryn). After every round, he just got weaker and weaker. He was fading before our eyes. My fiance and I decided to move our wedding up so dad could attend. Then on Feb. 20, 1999-the day of my wedding shower, we came home and found dad had fallen, he was too weak to walk. He was rushed to the hospital. The details of that day are so painful. Dad died around 3 am that next morning, just 4 months after his diagnosis. He missed the wedding by 2 months. Here it is 8 months later. It's so hard to believe everything that has happened in the past year, we all miss him so much. But it makes me feel happy that he is finally out of his pain,and someday when it is my turn to go, I'll see him again. For now I'm worried about getting cancer myself (or my brother, sister, or cousins for that matter). We need to find a cure for this beast that took my daddy away. My advise to those who read this who have been diagnosed or know someone who has been diagnosed: tell that person that you love them, don't waste any time, because you never know will happen. Stay Positive.

Posted 10/15/1999 05:27 pm by Jody
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