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RAUL-Update Oct. 2006

In Mid May of 2006 Raul began having constant back pain. His CA-19-9 was 66, and the CEA was 15.3. An MRCP was ordered with a Petscan and he had a localized recurrence to the pancreatic bed. He had 25 IMRT radiation therapy treatments and took Pill form Xeloda daily for 6 weeks. He worked during the treatments.

3 weeks post radiation he was rescanned by ct and there were 3 liver mets that showed up. Radiated area was unchanged. CA19-9 was 1579 and CEA was 58.

Cat scan in Sept. 2006-2 months post IMRT showed numerous liver mets (15 or more throughout the layers of the liver), and enlarged adenopathic nodes in the peritoneum. His CA19-9 was 3935 and the CEA was 185.

He began treatment for this on Oct. 1 st, 2006. Protocol chemo-combo is a reduced dose of Gemzar 600 m2 over 30 minutes and taking 100 mg. Tarceva daily. Side effect is rash on the lower back and some fever. The cycle is 2 weeks on ans 1 week off.

We feel blessed in our journey that Raul was able to have the whipple and went over a year before he had to start on more treatment for the recurrence. Unfortunately, that is the case of many who have this type of cancer. At this stage the chemo hopefully will battle back the liver mets.

Another issue of this cancer is pain management. The meds. for him have been increased. The doseage will last about a couple of weeks and then have to be increased.

Raul continues to work at his shop. He hopes to go back to blue crabbing but for now he is trying to get his body to handle the chemo cycles.

Strive To Survive,

Blue Bird

Posted 10/14/2006 07:28 am by Blue Bird
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