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My husband was diagnosed in September, 2005 and passed away at home on August 27, 2006 - he was just 12 days away from his 58th birthday. He was scheduled for a Whipple in October for his Pancreatic Adenocarcinoma, but his tumor involved the Mesenteric Artery so it was deemed to be inoperable. He had a port implanted - did 5FU in conjunction with Radiation, after which the tumor appeared necrotic & his CA19-9 #'s were lower - but the tumor wasn't 'dead' - it was back - his #'s were high - so ther Dr tried Gemzar, but his blood count & his blood sugars were affected - the #'s continued to climb - he discontinued treatment in July, 2006 - at the beginning of August, 2006 - his blood sugar was 650 - we went to the ER - he was admitted & spent 4 days in the hospital - they drained 18 lbs of fluid from his abdomen - we came home with Hospice - he passed away just 3 weeks later - he had lost about 170 lbs, was on liquid morphine & lorazepam + 100 mg fentynl patches. This disease is a MONSTER & I HATE IT!

Posted 10/11/2006 09:49 pm by PATTY WETMORE
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