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My mom Elli is 64. She was DX on 4/99 in the emergency room. She had the whipple on 5/99. She had 6 weeks of chemo and radiation which ended on 8/99. My mom has lost about 20lbs. She is a single woman. She is living alone and so far it has been ok. I am her 39 year old daughter. I have 3 other brother and sisters. I have been the one to accompany her to all of her Dr. Appts. She drove her self to radiation for 6 weeks. I attended on the first day and a few bad days. She has gotten worse since the chemo is over. She is always naucous, and has no energy. This is a hard thing for our family. I have 2 small children and work fulltime.I have gained all the weight she has lost. She is completly financialy dependent on us,because she hasn't worked since 4/ 99.This web site has helped me many times. Thank you for all your supportKarenE

Posted 09/27/1999 02:13 am by KarenE
E-mail Address: sandkedddie@earthlink .net

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