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My name is Sheila aged 44 Married for 25years in March 2000.With two great children well hardly children James is 23 and currently in the Armed forces. Dawn aged 17 student studying forensic science both are my Husband Ron and myself pride and joy. I had a whipples at christmas new year 96/97. I then received chemo and 20 radiotherphy sessions along the way as I know you will all have good and bad days. I have a question for any one that can help I have suffered cronic back pain since the op and several answers have been given (1) Change the bed ? (2)take more pain killers e.g.liquid morphine. (3)Its nerve endings. I am really feeling down with this as I can only sleep in bed for 3-4 hours max. I can cope with what ever they throw at me during the day but please please let me sleep like a normal person I am 2 sleeping tablets each night along with 60mg of amertriptyln for nerve pains but It still does'nt solve the problem so I spend most of my nights early mornings on the e-mail so if you fancy e-mailing me I will be here as it makes long and lonely nights.I am a new member and have only had the computer a few weeks its taking a while to get the habg of it but i'm sure i will master it one day kind wishes and good luck to you all. God bless SHEILA U,K,

Posted 08/30/1999 07:57 pm by SHEILA U.K
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