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I am the 30 year old daughter of a 52 year old man diagnosed with advanced PC on June 2nd of this year. I live in South Florida, while my parents are in Canada. Since his diagnosis my (incredibly supportive) husband and I have travelled home five times and continue the difficult (but absolutely necessary) commute as often as we are able. Paul is , actually my step father, having been with my mother for almost 19 years...he is my "real" father in every sense of the word. His diagnosis and current battle with this heinous disease has come as a complete shock to us all. I can't recall him ever being sick - beyond a cold or a brief flu. His tumor is inoperable - and he has spreading to the liver.Unfortunately, he experiences many side effects and symptoms of both treatment and the disease itself. In 2.5 months he's lost 40 pounds and continues to do so - as he finds it increasingly difficult to nourish his body. This despite a succesful bypass operation in late June. He is a magnificent, strong, elegant man with a razor sharp wit and a great desire to live. He is now undergoing chemotherapy (gemcitabine), from which he is extremely fatigued, somewhat nauseous and generally depressed. But he battles on. Through great pain and many obstacles, he says he will fight. We will fight with him...every step of every road...and every minute of every day. He said in the beginning that we (his family) were his strength and his best chance to beat the odds. We will not let him down...and we will not let him go without a fight.

Posted 08/23/1999 09:13 am by Belinda
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