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It was around 2000 my first year of highschool. My cosions father was told he had pancreatic cancer around march 28 and that they could do sergery to remove some of the tomer but not all of it and that after the sergery he would have about a year to live. John was a close to everyone he new he was one of the smartest people could have knowen . he greauted from Albern Unversity woth a major of elatrical engenarin. will at the beging of my 2ndn year of highschool he started taken kemotharpy tm try to make it to his youngest dauhters highschool greaution will around christams of that year something hapend with the tharapy and it was working anymore. He was the clostest person to me in my family he was alergic to almost every land animal but a few but u could ask him about any animal and he could tell you everything u wanted to know about the animal. on April 15 2004 at around 9:00 am he died. i came home that day and in the car the women i carpooled with was hinting around to my brother and me about john and when we got home my mom had bee intears and we went up stares and my dad had been cryen. then they told us and my brother and i broke down in tears john was 55 years old.

Posted 04/18/2006 12:08 pm by Fastbflier79
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