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I am a 45 year old male who was diagnosed with Pancreatitas five years ago. During the next two years I was admitted to the hospital on three other occasions. On January 6, 2003, I was admitted again for chronic pancreatitas. As of November, 2006, I have been admitted to the hospital approx 32 times with confinement averaging 2-3weeks. The doctors said that pancreatitas was 90% caused by gall stones or heavy drinking. It took me a long time to convince them that I had never consumed alcohol in my entire life.

The Doctors seemed to scratch their head and at the beginning and was not sure as to how to proceed other than treat the pain. My wife pushed hard and asked alot of questions, which in the beginning, the Doctors seemed irritated as if she was questioning their medical expertise. Over the next months, they became more concerned and finally listened.

After a year, a doctor said that I was a diabetic. We went to UAMS in Little Rock, Arkansas and the doctors there said that I have gastoparesis. The vegus nerve was damaged thus causing the slowing down of the digestive tract. I had severe pain in my stomach all the time and was constantly being sick to my stomach and throwing up.

In 2003, St Bernards Hospital in Jonesboro removed my gall bladder thinking that this MIGHT be the cause of the was not. In November, 2004, I had another surgery. I was put on a feeding tube (J-tube) and a gastric tube for draining (G-tube). Every time that I ate, I would throw up. I remained on these tubes for approximately 6 months. The pain in my stomach and the naseau and throwing up continued. In may of 2004, I was sent back again to Little Rock. This time I had another surgery in which we were told that they were going to perform an 'almost total' removal of my stomach. I continued to throw up and still had pain in my stomach.

I was passed back and forth from both Hospitals. The surgeons in Jonesboro told me that most of my stomach was still attached and sent me back to Little Rock, where that surgeon finally admitted after my wife and I visited him in his office, that he did not remove as much of my stomach as he initally informed her during my surgery. He then told us that there was a possibility of leakage and that the problem might be more lower in my intestines than originally thought. He said that it would be too dangerous at the time to have another surgery and that I might die from complications.

The disease continued to get worse. Little Rock said that they could do nothing more than treat the pain and naseau and since Jonesboro was our home town they could continue to treat me there.

On February 19, 2005 the doctors told us that there was nothing else that they could do. I was placed on Hospice. They gave me 6 months to one year to live. I was sent home on a PC pump with morphine and phenegran being given around the clock. July was the worse, I had lost 17 pounds in 5 days and I thought that I was dying. (I lost a total of 125 pounds) Actually I was willing to go. My wife was contantly with me and was there every step of the way. When she wasn't working, she was by my bedside nursing me the best she could. In September I began to get better and asked to be removed from the tubs etc. From Sept-November, I got better. I was not throwing up as much. Since before Christmas, I have started having extreme stomach pain again. A burning pain and a stabbing pain that goes all the way to my back. I have waited until now to go back to the doctor. The pain is too much to keep putting it off. The doctors have ordered blood work and another cat scan of my stomach. We are waiting on the results.

At this point, nothing that they could say to me would surprise me. I have lost my job, lost my insurance, and have been disabled now for three years and am on medicare.

Has anyone gone thru this or have known of anyone who has experienced this diesase? If so, plase e-mail me regarding your thoughts or experience.

Posted 01/22/2006 12:37 pm by NickC
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