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Mother 53 was dx 3/99. Inoperable PC, no mets., but blood vessel involvement. Considered clinicaltrial Cytoimplant involving injecting WBC into tumor. Decided on clinical trial w/several different drugs including 5FU, Leukovorin (sp), Mitomycin. Did CT scan 4/99, found regional lymph node involvement as well as fluid in right lung and in abdomen. Fluid in lung was tested and showed positive for cancer cells. Unable to do chemo as planned since it had gone to the lymph nodes. Had endoscopic nerve block at Virginia Mason in Seattle, WA. 5/4, helped a great deal. Now on percocet 2-3 times daily, no more morphine, so no more constipation. Phayzme helps w/gas and cramping. Diarrhea occasionally. Started clinical trial phase II at Virginia Mason w/Taxotere first week, Gemzar all 3 weeks, a week off, then start all over again. After 2nd month they'll do CT scan, and additional testing. Everyone tells us what a great onc. we have, so we feel pretty good about that, Mom's done good! It's now 6/16, she just had 5th treatment, for the first time her WBC was low, Onc thinks it was the 2nd treatment of both drugs. Last week it was 13.5, today it was 2.2! CA 19-9 however, went down 50% from when we started. She had been feeling pretty good until this last week, she's tired now. Had reduced dosage of Gemzar today. She hasn't had too many problems w/chemo, it's definitely not as bad as we thought it would be. She's lost her hair, has itchy dry skin, no more nausea, occasional diarrhea, less pain, and she did have a rash after the first treatment. She takes Benadryl daily now, rash hasn't returned. After Gemzar, she usually wakes up early the next morning has lots of energy, and feels great. She had been eating like a horse up until this last week. Weight had stabilized, but this week she lost about 3 lbs. I have all the confidence in the world that things will be better next week. She's on shared leave, and we've moved into a nice new place, and get along great. I feed her as many vitamins as I can, and lots of protein. And we do a lot of praying. I can honestly say that she feels much better than she did at the time of dx. Hope things continue this way.

Posted 06/17/1999 01:22 am by Lauren
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