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Hi Everyone, I have been visiting this board from time to time. My daughter, who is my caregiver, told me about it. She has found good information here, as well as some sympathetic ears (and eyes). So. . .here's why she came to this board in the first place: ME. I'm 58 years old, had jaundice/itching symptoms in January of this year and was diagnosed after an ERCP at Cedars Sinai in Los Angeles. I had an aborted Whipple late February. Once inside, the surgeon saw that the cancer had spread to my stomach lining and was wrapped around some important blood vessels. So he sewed me up and said best approach was to get the tumor(s) reduced via chemo. I did my research and got second opinions on everything. My oncologist is Dr. William Isacoff. I chose him, not because of his bedside manner, but because pancreatic cancer is his specialty. In March, I started on GTX (Gemzar, taxotere and Xeloda). I lost all my hair, was rather sick on and off, but I handled it pretty okay. My CA19-9 numbers went down right away. Last time he checked, I was at 97. Good news, but no tumor shrinkage that he could see. We have just switched to protocal number 2, Gemzar, a 48-hour 5FU pump, Irenotecan (CPT-ll) and Eloxatin. I have tolerated this a little less well, two trips to the ER for dehydration, diarrhea, whatever. It's tough. BUT, the alternative is not acceptable to me. My daughter is a wonderful young woman and she's going to have beautiful chldren one day. I fully plan to be there to cherish them as I have always cherished her. AND I just got married (second time) a little over a year ago and my wonderful husband and I have purchased a 'fixer' in Santa Paula, about an hour outside Los Angeles. It's a fun, but huge and daunting project. One of my great frustrations is that I can't roll up my sleeves and pitch in physically as I had planned to do. Before this diagnosis, I was always in great health, not overweight, ate well, don't smoke or drink. I was a pretty strong old broad. So that's hard. BUT the view out our front window of rolling hills and a river and nothing man-made in sight gives me strong incentive to be around to enjoy it. And then there's the two kittens and two large dogs that share our home. Their unconditional love is very healing to me. So I'm kicking and screaming and the word 'uncle' isn't in my vocabulary. I can beat and/or live with this. I just know it. So now you know a little about me (long-winded, eh?). I look forward to learning more about you as I scroll through the board. Keep that information coming. That's what it's about: information and inspiration. Let's give a lot of each to each other.

And the fight goes on. NancyLea

Posted 10/18/2005 09:32 pm by NancyLea
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