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My mother Judy is 59 yrs old with a birthday this month on the 25th, she has lived alone for the past 17yrs and worked full time all of her life. I am the youngest of 5 children and she is now living with me. She started having bad stomach pains in the latter part of November but dismissed it to new medication that she was taking for her bi-polar disorder. Finally when she could not go to work because of the pain she went to the doctor on April 1st. He did a sonagram and found various masses. From that moment on she had 2 cat-scans, a LRPC, and a Biopsy on her liver, on April 14th we were told she had pancreas cancer that was in the 4th stage and it had spread to the liver plus her lymph nodes were swollen. There was a tumer on the head of pancreas that was 5cm one in her left lobe of the liver which was 3cm and one in her right lobe of the liver which was 21/2 cm. We were told there was nothing that could be done in this stage but to keep her comfortable. The doctor told her she needed to be near her family and spend quality time with them. I moved her in with me. Other than child birth she had only been in the hospital one time for her intestines which had ruptured and needed to be fused back together. She had quit smoking 3 yrs ago and walked everyday 2 miles. She ate very well, no fried foods, no sugar and lots of fresh fruit and vegatables. No one in the family history has ever had pancreas cancer, there are other types of cancer that runs in the family. Since diagnosis my mother has gotten fluid in her right lung and had to go into the hospital for 4 days, has lost weight (not to include the 15 pounds she lost before diagnosis), and has had 2 gallons of fluid drained from her stomach. She has been very strong in this whole thing and I am very proud of her. Hospice has come into the picture now and I think things will be getting easier for all concerned now. This is my first experience ever being around anyone that is terminally ill or with cancer for that matter. My prayers go out to anyone that is going through this or who has a family member going though this. I have found that having a good realtionship wiht God, family and friends makes it easier.

Posted 05/15/1999 09:53 am by Ramona
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