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My mom is 68 years old and was diagnosised on March 25, 2005. We walked into the doctors office thinking that she had liver cancer and were told that she had pancreatic cancer that had already spread to her right lung and her liver. There are 3 small nodules on her lung and 9 lesions that covered both sides of her liver, the largest being 4.7 cms, the mass on her pacrease was only 2.1 cm in size. The doctor had already made an appointment for us (my parents and myself) to see the oncologist the following Monday. We were told on Monday that surgery was not an option that she would start chemo the next week and he was going to use Gemzar and Eloxatin for 3 cycles. Meaning 2 treatments a week taking the next week off to watch her blood count and also giving her a week of rest. Which she needed, the Eloxatin has so many side effects that she was so sick. During her week off she also had a few visits to the hospital do to complications. Since then she has dropped over 35 pounds and started another cycle of chemo, using only Gemzar, with no end date in sight. Her CA 19-9 levels have dropped from the first reading of 98,994 to an amzaing 8,000. We were told in the beginning that she was in good physical condition and that it helped with the fight against the cancer. However that she still only had ten months to live, she is going to prove that ten months is only a time line and live well past any prediction. My parents are doing relatively well under the circumstances, they have been married 46 years and live for one another. My brothers and I are taking turns going down to see them keeping them busy and making sure that their spirits are up. Although I think the grandkids are the ones that really do the job. So god willing she will fight the good fight for many years to come.

Posted 09/24/2005 04:27 pm by p wood
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