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Garry age 34 w/m diagnosed stage 4 pancreas cancer diagnosed Dec. 10,2004 after an attempted whipple. The whipple was aborted after finding spread to the liver, lungs, abdomen, spleen, and lymphs. His first tumor measurement was 4cmx2cm. It is currently 9.5cmx4.2cm. He had some pain in the left side that would radiate to the back area when lying down. This was off and on for about 6 months to a year. He was diagnosed with high blood pressure and had to be put on meds as well as a diaretic. The pains began shortly after as well as bowels, and extreme fatigue. It was thought to be related to the diaretic.

In January he started Gemzar and oxiliplatin. No success. He was then changed to an experimental drug DJ927 along with Xeloda. He had a hard time at first because the dosage was a little too high for him. After it was regulated to a dose he could handle, he had a 14% decrease in the size of the pancreas tumor and several other leasions were not visible. The DJ927 cause extensive nerve damage so the plan was aborted. He then started on CPT-11. After 6 hours of the first dose his kidneys began to bleed. After 3 more weeks in the hospital and acute kidney failure this chemo was aborted. He then began Xeloda alone. The last ct scan showed everything to have worsened. Everything has grown and more leasions appeared. He was told they are no more options for us. We will be going to a center that can offer an experimental case in hopes he can be helped.

Garry didn't know his father and after 34 years we were able to find the family to find out his father died 2 years ago at age 50 with pancreas cancer. His grandfather died 35 to 36 years ago at age 52 with pancreas cancer. This did not help his outlook but we are not finished fighting this battle. He has a lot to live for. We have been together 18 years. He was 16 and I was 14. We have been married 14 years. We have 2 boys 15 and 10. We are not finished living. He will be 42 when our youngest son turns 18. He wants to see then graduate. Go to the prom. Have their first date. He wants grandkids. He wants to live and live we will. He has plenty of faith. Times do get tough but he's still going.

We were given 6 months. It's been 9 months and counting. Garry had never been in the hospital or had an IV until Dec. From then til July he's been in 7 times. Sometimes critical but he's still strong and fighting. Prayers to you.

Love Frances

Posted 09/20/2005 08:39 pm by Frances
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