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ANDY IN MASS.(Massachusetts)

I am 48 year old Male, father of 2--7 year old Daughter and 10 year old son. DX Pancreatitis-( with tumor)-12/04--Biopsy Begien--- Easter 2005--Diabetes--rapid on-set--Biopsy same tumor--Malignant. Whipple attempt--May 2005--Aborted mid-stream Mets. to Liver. Gemzar--started 3000, over 90 minutes --2 weeks on 1 week off. 1st C-Scan--8/1/05---Liver Tumors some shrinkage--Pancreatic Tumor--no growth--no shrinkage. I have completed 20 marathons and 6 ultra trai marathons of 50 miles! I never smoked and drank less than 12 beers a year and maybe a 1/2 dozen Gin and tonics! I have worked in Hospitals for the past 15 years? ( Running Psychiatric programs for children!) --I am treated by Dr. DAvid Ryan at MGH ( Mass. General Hospital) in Boston and a wonderful team of Nurses and Social Workers and a Child Psychiatrist! My struggle at times is the Begien--Biopsy result--in Dec. and being told--you'll be fine --and the time lost--until the next Biopsy--which led to Spread of having Met. to liver and beyond!! Can't look back--and must look ahead for my 2 kids and my family! Eating as much as I can, exercising as much as I can, and Keeping up beat, with Hope and a sense of Humor. I wish the best for all of you too!! Andy

Posted 09/11/2005 10:25 pm by ANDY IN MASS.
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