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Photo of Irmgard Marsh My wife of 41 years was Dx'd in April with PC and the final touch that started the story was She turned Jaundice. Was admitted to the Hospital and the same day went thru 2 proceedures the second to bypass the Bile duct and get the poison out of her body. That same week after more testing her surgeon gave us 3 possibilties. 1 inoperable weth 3-4 minths and just a small insicion. (2) an eight hour operation ( Whipple ) and following Chemo and Rad. She came through the Whipple with flying colors and was walking the hospital floor 20 laps a day 3 days after. Then the stomach would not let anything go through to the intestin and she threw everything up that went down. Had 2 different NG hoses and a various other assortment of hoses and walked with the tallest IV ladder I hae ever seen 4 different pumps at one time. 3 weeks after the whipple they had to resection the stomach to the diudiem (SP) and still would not work. I finally took her home and I made up the TPN bags for a month with the help of a very good home care agency. I also learned ho w to check her sugar levels and administer Insulin by the sliding scale.

I still am giving her Reglan via her Pic line 3 times a day. some one said I should become a nurse but at 63 I don't think I want to. Luckely I am Semi retired and could take 3 months off work. This is a 24-7 job all by itself. We will start going to the Oncologist in Oct and get sbood work done and CT scan. She is also taking pancreatic enzymes. We think her Pancreas is producing indulin but not enzymes. The Drs all said she would have 1/1/2 to 2 years before it came back. She says that she is going to show eveyone and make 10 years.

Thanks for listening,
Bill M - Kc

3/7/2006 - Irmgard Marsh passed away on the 19th of January, 2006, 9Mo post dx.

Posted 08/31/2005 09:09 pm by Bill M- KC
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