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I was diagnosed with PC in 1/99 - just before my 49th birthday. It had spread to the liver, so I immediately started on Gemzar. I am married with a 17 year old daughter and 20 year old son. My husband is a diabetic and has been on kidney dialysis for the past two years. He has had circulation problems and is presently on disability with a foot infection. So I have basically gone from being a caregiver to needing care. I am fortunate to have my parents, although both are disabled. My father, 79, is in a nursing home. My mother, 81, is crippled with arthritis and is taking this very hard. My children, particularly my daughter, are having rough times. I have one sister and we are very close. She has been the one going to doctor appointments with me since my husband has a real hard time accepting the dianosis and only hears what he wants the doctor to say.I have been on a once-a-week, three week on-one week off chemo schedule. My biggest problem was loss of appetite. I lost over 25 pounds and had to be hospitalized for dehydration. I'm on Megace and Pancrease, take a lot of Ensure and use popsicles for fluids. I spent a few weeks at my mother's house which helped get me built up a little and I'm doing pretty good right now. I find the chemo tires me, but no other bad side effects. Because I'm inactive during the day, I have trouble sleeping at night. All in all, it's good days and bad days.I just had a CAT scan and am waiting for the results. I have a great oncologist. He does not look at things from how much time I have. He believes that there is so much being done in this field that he just has to keep me going and let the research catch up with me. He mentioned trying a new drug if there is no improvement or any spread based on this CAT scan.I have been following this web site looking for younger people who have PC and trying to find success stories. I'm hoping to get to the point where I can resume some normal activities. If I go to the store once a week, even in a wheelchair, I find it tires me out. I was always an extremely active person and find this very hard. With my husband also disabled, we are finding it very hard emotionally and financially.I have always been an optimist and have been the one to try to find bright spots during times of trouble. I am trying to hold onto that optimism, but find I'm not as strong as I used to be in cheering others up.

Posted 04/16/1999 10:55 pm by Janice
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