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Teresa Cathrine - THE CANCER - diagnosed 8/95, Whipple procedure completed 9/95. Cancer free until 12/97 when diagnosed with mets to the lungs. Not until 11/98 did she struggle with pain and nausea. Her quality of life was wonderful for three years. Her lungs were drained the end of December 98 which seemed to help her breathe better. She had a nerve block in early January 99 which never made a difference in her pain. She began hospice care the latter part of January 99. She was administered pain medication (Oxycontin/Roxicodone), anti-nausea medication, stool softeners, and appetite pills. Her nausea continued until the pain medication changed to a patch "Duragesic Transdermal", accompanied by Compazine and Tigan. The Oxycontin was used only for interim medicine. Teresa passed away on March 30, 1999 exactly 3 years and 7 months from initial diagnosis. THE WOMAN - 72 years old, widowed for two years. Three sons, one daughter and six grandchildren. Teresa was raised on a farm with seven brothers (the only girl) during the depression years and only knew "hard labor". She worked at a meat pack for 31 years while raising a family, and "retired" to run a restaurant with her husband for several years following. She was an incredible woman who had a wonderful sense of humor and was a hard working, honest woman. You always knew where you stood with her. She was never better than anyone else and no one was better than her. She was consistant and very, very loving. She was not only a good mother, mother-in-law and grandmother, she was an incredible Friend. She loved her family and life and most importantly GOD! I know she is with God now and the loved ones who passed before her, and she continues to watch over us and bless us with her love. She is dearly missed and often thought of. She passed away with her loved ones by her side, on her terms and very peacefully. Good-bye is just for now. She is not gone, just gone on ahead. WITH ENDLESS LOVE!!!!

Posted 04/15/1999 12:38 pm by LA
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