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SHERRI K from Maryland

Sherri is a 36 yr old female, birthday is 5-8-69 who started having pain and discomfort in her back and stomach about august of 2004.After many trips to different doctors in many different places and being told it was anything from constipation to acid reflux to a ulcer. Finally we went to see a Dr. Alba in westminster maryland who finally did a upper gi a cat scan and colonostomy, he noticed something but wasnt quite sure what it was. He reccommended that we go to Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore for further tests. We went to JHH on Good Friday March 24th 2005 where they also did a cat scan and other tests and she was diagnosed that day with cancer of the pancreas. We were told to see a Dr Yeo as soon as possible.We saw him on april 1st 2005 and the surgery was set up for 4-20-2005.The operation lasted about 5 1-2 hours after which Dr Yeo came out to explain to us that they did a distal pancreatomy as well as removal of the spleen and gall bladder and all had went well and no cancer was found anywhere else besides the pancreas.About a week later after another return trip to JHH we were told it had also been found in 5 of 48 lymph nodes.Not good news but we took the hand we were dealt. She began chemo on 6-9-05 at JHH, the chemo is gemcytobine.She has recieved 2 treatments so far now a week off then 3 more treatments then a week off then 3 more treatments then we will begin the radiation part. We have had many ups and downs in the 10 weeks since but it actually seems like in the 3 weeks since she started chemo she has steadyly improved, this week has been a fantastic week and we hope for many more.Dont ever give up hope, through prayer and a faith in God this dreaded disease can be beat, were all in it together.Good luck to all and youre always in our prayers.

Posted 06/26/2005 08:47 pm by her husband john
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