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My husband Jeff and I have been married almost 11 years in May. I have known him for 15 years, we met when I was 20. The first man I had truly loved, he is definately my soul mate. He is 39 years old and fixes commuter trains for a living. We met when we both lived in Chicago, I was in heaven. We married and have to children, Becky 9 and Jeffrey Jr. 7. I decided to work part-time, so that I could stay home and be with the kids. We have a small farm south of Chicago with chickens, ducks, pigs, dogs and lots of cats. So perfect, we love it. Jeff had always loved to lift weights, he did it every day after work, we was really fit. He had hurt his knee and needed to have surgery on Oct. 29, 1998. Surgery went fine and he was recovering great. Two weeks later we went to see his father in Michigan, who was dying from PC. On our trip Jeff was having pain in his groin, when we got home his testicles were swollen 3 times the size. We went to the doctor and he was treated for an infection of the epididymis and given antibiotics. Two weeks later he was having stomach pain. Doctor felt that he was alergic to the meds and precribed something else. The pain never went away and became so severe that he had to go into the hospital. Then he was diagnosed with diverticulosis. He started feeling better and we went to spent Thanksgiving with his dad, the last time we saw him alive. When we got home Jeff got a blood-clot in his leg, back in the hospital. We spent Christmas together, probably our last, and Jeff was feeling sick again. Back in the hospital, the doctors were baffled. An onco. took one look at him and found swollen lymphnodes on his neck, did a biobsy and said he had PC. Same as his dad, how strange! That was January 4, 1999. His dad died 2 weeks later, Jeff could not go to his funeral. He started Gemzar chemo having great results for 4 weeks. He had been very constipated for a long time and needed to have surgery. He had a bowel resection on March 16. He has been home from the hospital for 2 weeks. Finally he is eating and having regular bm's. In the last few days his cancer is getting worse, he cannot get out of bed and his spirits are gone. He is not the same or I think will ever be. He is so weak and so thin, he lost 60 pounds. We called in hospice. I hate this disease!!! I hate to think I'm going to lose him, our perfect life, our beautiful children. What are they going to do without their wonderful father.

Posted 04/10/1999 08:18 am by Laura
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