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My name is Carlie Kitzmiller (maiden name Poole) I am a 26 year old female and was diagnosed with Hereditary Pancreatitis/Chronic Pancreatitis when I was 5 years old. My family (Poole) was tested for many years at Johns Hopkins. I am from Silver Spring, Maryland but now live in Tampa, Florida. I have been through so many attacks through the years, hundreds of ERCP's and so many different types of medicine. Nothing seemed to work! I was on pain medicine for a few years and nothing could have been done to help with the problem. When I was hospitalized this past November and December a surgeon came to see me and he said that I had a few options. He wanted to do the puestow procedure to try and correct my problem. I was not sure about it and called my family who still occasionally see Dr's at JH. My family was about to fly me back to MD to go to Johns Hopkins for the procedure or Georgetown U Hospital where my specialist is. They said that the Doctor hre in Tamps was wonderful, they were correct. I had the lateral pancreactomy (there is a bigger name for it)on Jan 6, 2005 and after the pathology depts reveiwed the biopsies and sent them out also to JH they confirmed that I had pancreatic Cancer. I went in on February 17, 2005 for the whipple procedure and to remove the cancer. They still have not heard from all of the pathologists but they are pretty sure they got it all out. Sorry to keep blabbling but are there ways to monitor my status after the cancer is removed to make sure it does not come back? With blood work or whatever? Thank you, Carlie

Posted 04/19/2005 10:34 am by Carlie Kitzmiller
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