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My Mom was dx Jan. 13, 1999 in ER by ab. ultrasound. Age: 47 years, excellent health up till now. Pancreatic cancer (throughout), extensive mets to liver, fluid on the lungs (she's been bedridden for over a month), lost tons of weight. Had one CT scan (which has be LOST) and scheduled a biopsy, blood clots occurred which placed her on cumadin and precluded a biopsy. Further probs with blood clots (mostly because she was mainly under the care of a really negligent GP), finally moved to a research hospital where she's been placed on Heparin and treated as though he willingness to fight this monster is admirable instead of denial. She's been in hospital since Feb. 3, 1999... seems to have lost part of her right foot due to a blood clot which was not treated because "she's near the end anyway". Docs at new hospital think she's got a long way to go. No treatment has been started yet, chemo (Gemzar) hopefully on Monday. Also looking into visualization, guided imagery, metabolic pill, immunotherapy (BRM) vaccine using interleukin-2, GM-CSF & cancer antigen (from biopsy). Also looking into some of the more exotic stuff: Hospital Santa Monica in mexico, oxygen therapy, shark cartilage, Essiac tea, ozone therapy, live cell therapy... willing to look into and try anything. Big hold backs have been the clots and other problems with her vascular system. She's always been borderline anemic (family thing) and her veins are really thin. They tried unsuccessfully to get a clavicular IV line in today (really hard on her). We're pushing for a portacath... doctors hate it when I make suggestions about things that I've found on this page - so easily threatened!Lots of family support (my Dad's retired to be at home and I've quit school)... most of my Mom's relatives live far away but almost all have been out to visit several times. I find that treatment, dx, and optimism are really lacking out here (Manitoba, Canada) and am shocked at how narrow-minded some doctors can be. My Mom is determined that people can live for a while with this thing and that it's not her time to go yet... doctors want her to get comfortable and prepare herself for death. She says that she's not afraid of death, she's just not ready yet. I admire her strength and courage - I wish I could find some. You all are a great support and I wish all of you courage and comfort throughout all of your trials and tribulations.Krista

Posted 03/13/1999 02:32 am by Krista
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