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I am a 51 year old female (born 1953) in Salem, Oregon and was diagnosed with pancreatic adenocarcinoma in May 2004. I was asymptomatic until moderate pain in the abdomen took me to the ER. An ultrasound showed multiple large masses. I saw an oncologist the next day and had a CT scan, a mammogram, a colonoscopy, and endoscopy and MRI, and multiple tumor marker tests. Good news - No tumors anywhere except in the liver. My CA 19-9 was 2200. Bad news - not operable. I have been on a constant 5-FU infusion pump, and every 2-3 week 'day spa treatments' of infusions of Gemzar and Oxaliplatin. My side effects have been minimal (some hair thinning, loss of taste, neuropathy in the hands and feet, easily tired, but very little pain). My current plan is to reduce the size of the tumors and drive the CA 19-9 into the normal range, and then seek a 2nd opinion for further treatment (perhaps liver resect, cyberknife, etc.) My oncologist gave me an initial prognosis of 4-6 months. I'm at 8+ months now and still strong and fighting. My husband, daughter and two sons are supportive, although a little freaked out at how I could have such a poor prognosis and still 'look normal.' I work part-time.

Posted 01/23/2005 02:42 pm by Laurel
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