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I am 14 and in August, 2004, my father died of pancreatic cancer. At first, his wife and i thought that he was just sick. he was having stomach pains and couldn't eat sometimes. By the time we found out that it was cancer, it was to late. they didn't have much money so they didn't have a good hospital to go to. when they cut him open to cut out his tumor, his cancer spread. Pretty soon knew there was nothing we could do. at the end of his life he was skin and bones, literally. he was usually a healthy looking man but when he got sick, i was almost scared to look at him. 2 days before he died, i went to visit him at his house, because he didn't want to spend his last days in a hospital, he was on constant Morphine. He was also delerious. I remember that he was watching police videos on the T.V. and he kept talking to me like i was my brother. He was asking if that was Skye driving like that. And he also wanted to get dressed because he was going to be on Opera. Before i left, he told me that everything was going to be ok and to this day, i wonder if he realy thought that it would or if he was just trying to comfort me. It's hard watching a strong 43 year old man detirierate right before your eyes.

Posted 01/21/2005 11:30 am by Skye Mcmahan
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