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im a 59 year old male i was diagnosed in feb/2004 i have a islet cell tumor that was successfuly removed in mar/04 I am presently taking a form of chemo called octreotide to date i have had tw injetions so there are further studies on me ( cat scann sometime in Feb/04) I was a casual smoker of & on for 15 years I have not smoked since 1982 I am a weekend drinker verry seldom drink during the week. I worked in a steel mill for 22 years i was exposed to all typs of carsonoges pcbs lead zinc paints ect. ect. The mill i worked in closed in 1988 since that time 22 of my workmates have been diagnosed with some type of cancer, I am susspicious of the numbers so i filled a claim with workers comp. my claim was denied on the bassis that i smoked ciggarets & drank alcohol I could winn my claim if i could find a doctor to dispute the fact that it was cigs & alcohol (WCB has allready admitted that I was exposed to high levals of industrial exposure) Oncologists don't seem to want to support there patients when it comes to fighting the corporate boss .has anybody out there had the same fight as me any advice?

Posted 01/09/2005 04:29 pm by BILLH
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