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Jim 50 y.o., and prior to this in good health, went into the hospital 6 months ago for what turned out to be pancreatitis. The cause was unknown, he doesn't drink alcohol, and quit smoking 6 years ago. They thought maybe it was the bextra he was on for 6 months prior. Oner month later he was back at the hospital for anoth attack of pancreatitis, this tim eit was pseudocysts from the first bout causing the problems. 5 months later he is back in the hospitla for severe itching and jaundice (yellow skin) They thought gall stone had an ERCP to remove it and found it was not a stone but something else blocking it, so they had to put a tube through his side to drain the gall bladder and liver. We were fed up with the current hospital and went to University of Penn. hospital. Here the doctor said it was a tumor of pancreas until proven otherwise blocking the bile duct. a stent waqs placed in the bile duct to open it up and a CT was done Monday Dec. 6 2004, it showed a tumor wrapped around the superior mesenteric artery and that it was inoperable because of this. We were all in shock and devestated. Currently we are waiting for a biopsy to be done Tuesday Dec. 14th to confirm what were are already expecting Pancreatic cancer.

Posted 12/09/2004 02:51 pm by Adam
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