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My mom was Barbara, she was 74 years old when she was diagnosed, She had pancreatic ca with complete common bile duct involvement and mets to gallbladder. She was diagnosed in September of 2003. She had what is called painless jaundice. She almost glowed. They put a stent in her to relieve the bile backup. She had lost alot of weight due to she thought she had hepatitis and diagnosed herself on WebMD. She sufferened from these symptoms for about 2 months before she finally went to the Dr. They put her straight in the hospital from the Dr.;s office. She lived in Florida and I lived in MO. There were no treatment options available for her because she was so compromised. The Dr. explained the Whipple, but it is was extensive, that my brother and myself and Mom decided that what days she had left we wanted her home to be with us, rather than possible lose her on the table and have it all be over. She had been gone in Fl for 8 years and only home for a few times and my brother and I only able to go and visit a few times. She lasted until Jan 7th 2004. I was the primary caregiver, her daughter, I also had the good fortune to work for Hospice so we had her on that as soon as we got home. She had many good days during that time. I tried to work some and then thre were days that she needed me and work just did not seem all that important, and they so understood, thank God. She celebrated her 75th birthday on December 12th we had ice cream cake, even though she only ate a bite it was probably one of her worst days until we slipped in a coma a few days before she died. I miss her so much and would give anything for 1 more day, I was so stressed and worn out by the time that it was over I did not know which end was up. Caring for a loved one is much different that for someone that you do not know. I could go on forever but I will stop at that. Sincerely Stephanie

Posted 11/11/2004 09:08 am by stephanie
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