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It is so hard to put down in words what it took me a lifetime to understand. My beautiful 60 year old mom lost her battle with PC on 8.26.2004. She fought long and hard for 4 months and 7 days. Right to the end she managed to protect myself and my 3 brothers from all the hurt and the pain. She was born on 2.14.1944 and was born the last of 4 kids to a plumber and a factory worker. My mom was born in Canton, OH. She put herself through school and became the greatest nurse in the world. Her and my dad had three boys and then me. They moved the family to Owensboro,Ky when I was 6 weeks old in 1973. What an awesome childhood we had. Tons of kids to play with and parents that lived for their children. My parents gave all they had to help otheres out. when kids could not afford to play Hockey my parents would outfit them. My senior year there were 3 additional teenagers living with us. Their home enviroments were less and desirable. My parents became the guardian for one of them. My dad moved to Charlotte, NC to open a new manufacturing company so mom was very busy with us. She took care of everyone and as I sit here and type this it still amazes me all she accomplished. As we grew up all of us moved to Charlotte,NC for school and to work for our dad. My parents got a divorce but were still best friends. I still remember pulling out of the drivway and seeing her standing @ the door with my German Shepard in hand. God it was so hard to move away from Mom. She was my bestfriend. I still came home for the holidays and for summer vacations. But you can never go home again is so true. April 2001 my childhood home burned down and Mom decided to move to her summer cabin and live there. Then 9/11 happened and she decided her place was with her family here in NC. WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What a relief. We were so happy to have her here. She even found a hospice patient to take care. Mom was not happy without taking care of someone. Her and Dick did everything together and actually got him feeling better as she always was able to do. She would spend every weekend with my husband and I @ our home. We would go and shop and play cards and talk and just be together.

Then the downfall started. In Nov 2003 she was suddenly a diabetic. I kept telling her something else was wrong. Kept telling her the diabetes does not make sense. But being a nurese she would not listen. Then she started to lose weight and finally in March 2004 we convinced her to go to the doctor for tests. And then on 4.19.2004 we found out that it was PC. I had heard of it since my Aunt had dies of it when she was 52 yrs old. The family surrounded her and told her not to worry we will fight this toghether and get through this. Well Mom would have none of this talk. She took it upon herself to ask for help from her lifelong friend and our 2nd mom; Ann. Ann moved in with my Mom. Put her own life on hold in Ohio to come down and be here during chemo/radiation. Then Jane her other friend moved in and they became operation 'human shield.' They shielded us from the pain the hurt and we got all the good stuff. I would spend every weekend with her and she would ask we to go and pick up meds or go to the store and while I was gone she would throw-up. Or my brothers would bring her food and she would eat it wait for them to leave and then throw-up. How did she have the strenght to do this. How could you feel so bad but refuse to have your children see that. I love her so much for that. I am so proud to have had her for 31 wonderful years. Last year was the best. Every holiday every birthday was more special than usual. Somehow she knew. Then on 8.25.2004 the only day she had too much pain and we had to take her to the hospital and they got her comfortable. She waited til she got too see everyone. Waited to sign her will and then she peacefully slipped into a coma and 5 hours later on 8.26.2004 with her 4 children, my dad, operation human shield and her 2 daughter-in-laws and my husband @ her side she smiled opened her eyes and took her last breath. Her other daught the one she was the guardian for was 48 hrs late coming to see her. But she and her husband flew in from Italy to be with us. I feel so grateful to have had her for 31 years. I am so sad and miss her so much but I cannot get to angry. I feel very fortunate to have had such a wonderful woman in my life and now she is my angel. If you are reading this right now I want to say thank you. She was so special and I will never be able to put into words the impact she had on so many people. God Bless Mom and rest in peace. We miss you.

p.s. Your grandkids miss you but they know the first gift you every gave them was their nose.

Posted 11/10/2004 04:16 pm by JENNIFER IN NC
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