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I already filled in a biography under 'My Husband John', but this will be an update (10/15/04). John was diagnosed March 8, 2004 with Stage IVB pancreatic cancer with liver metastases. Up until that point, he had had no signs of illness at all except for 3-4 days of mild stomach discomfort. Since March, our lives have all but turned upside down, although now we just live from day to day, hoping that he can stay with us for a while yet. On 10/29, he will celebrate his 65th birthday, and I would guess that this will be his last one. I don't konw if he'll be here at Christmas time. He is very calm, usually, and just going about his life as best he can. He has been remarkable in his patience and fortitude. I can't imagine how he's really feeling, what it must be like to be him right now. He has had Gemzar and Cis-Platinum and now has been switched to GTX, although he can't take the treatment a lot of the time because his blood counts are so very low. He is exhausted, very thin, and while he went for seven months with no pain, and relatively normal energy, he's in pain now and his morphine has been increased to the point where he's a little disoriented. He no longer drives, he's retired, and life is just radically different at our house since his diagnosis. I hope all of you will pray for him, for our family, and for an ultimate cure for this horrible disease. Thank you.

Posted 10/15/2004 10:32 am by Susannah
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