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My name is Jennifer and I was diagnosed with an Islet cell tumor on the head of the pancreas at the age of 32 a few months after the birth of my 1st baby. I had a modified whipple operation in Sept. 2003. Pathology report showed 1 out of the 7 lymph nodes that were puled was cancerous. No treatment was advised.

6 month tests have shown some swollen nodes 1.5cm but the surgeon thinks they are reactive from the surgery or the paritinitus that i got 6 weeks after the surgery????? ChromograninA blood test was at 14 at 3 month tests with a negative octriotide scan. And chromograninA was at 9 for 6 month tests.

I also had a spleanectomy at age 4. I also had poly cystic overian syndrome prior to pregnancy. I also have focal nodular hyperplasia on the liver.

New scans will be preformed in september again.

I am still a little concerned about the swollen nodes and wonder if they can even do anything if it is cancer anyway.......???????

Posted 04/08/2004 04:15 am by jennifer
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