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I started posting this past spring when I happened upon this resource. It has helped me immensely. In Dec. 1997, my dad, Frank, became ill--stomach pains, jaundice. He went to our family doctor and he thought Frank had hepatitis. This was on the last day before our winter break.(My dad, mom, and I are all teachers in the same school district. Two weeks earlier, my dad had a physical and NOTHING was detected.)Tests showed no hepatitis, so he had CT scan which showed something on the pancreas and blockage in the bile duct. The drs proceeded to put a stent in, telling us that if it didn't work we would lose Frank. It worked, a small victory, but on Xmas Eve we got the diagnosis that it was Pancreatic Cancer. My dad never went back to school. We had a Frank Stager Appreciation Day in Feb. My parents were supposed to retire in June. Frank was on a study (FU something) and when that wasn't working he was on Gemzar. However, the cancer was too strong. To add to his problems, Frank broke his hip in May and it went downhill from there. In mid-July Frank took a turn fo the worse and soon he was incapacitated. He passed away Sept. 14. He was 66. He was an incredible man--he was intelligent, witty, fun, loving, and sensitive. Words cannot express how wonderful he was and how thankful my mom and I are that we had him in our lives. We are trying to go on and we want to help annihilate this horrible disease that took the life of the most important man in our lives. We want to make a difference in Frank's honor.

Posted 10/28/1998 10:48 pm by Patricia
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