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Born May 1919
Mother was diagnosed with PC July 2003. Northwestern wanted to do the whipple, Mother opted out. At age 84 she was in great pysical shape for the opperation. She chose Hospice which became our new found family from Palos Hospital, Palos Hills, IL. (Angels of Mercy)
Oct. 11th. 2003 she passed away to our Father. PC took her life fast and aggressivly. She did not complain nor was she scared. She was a brave Woman! 'Mother, I used to call you Mama as all your children, Grandchildren & GreatGrand children followed but during the 3 months God blessed me with taking care of you, you had shown such bravery. I noticed I began to call you Mother, it was out of a respect for you as I watched you handle your life falling apart and yet you remained to the end with such dignity and bravery! My heart will break forever while here on Earth for you. I miss you severly. You see, you became life for me. My whole reason to live was taking care of you. To make you laugh, to keep you from pain, to maintain your dignity through this monster. When you left a big part of my own self went with you. You taught me more about life in 3 Months than I was ever willing to learn from you, thank you. Your life here will go on in me. I will do my best to fight against the monster that took you away. Also, I have so far kept every promise I made to you but one, just one more to get done. Until we are together again, I will always love you with all my being, your Daughter, Jeanne'

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Margaret CarltonThe only picture I look at is in your youth as that is how you look now in Heaven.

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Margaret Carlton's hand in her daughter's
Mother Daughter Forever

Posted 12/14/2003 02:11 am by Daughter Jeanne
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