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First a great big thanks to my family. My wife and kids have been wonderful. My oldest daughter even stayed in hospital one night when my wife could not. They have been such and inspiration and help to me.

Next a high 5 to the great staff at UCSF. They are professional and supportive.

Brief history:

Age 45, always very healthy. A little overweight (195 lbs 5'8'). Tried Atkins diet in 2000 and got down to 175, but gained it back after stopping atkins. In December of 2002, started feeling stomach aches, went to Dr in Jan 2003. Doctor had me wait for this and for that. During this time, lost 50 lbs which led me to this site in late March while waiting to see a local Surgical Oncologist. I called PANCAN and they referred me to UCSF and I got an appt in a few days, saw the surg onc, and scheduled for whipple a few days after that.

After whipple, cancer confirmed in head of pancreas, 3cm along with some evidence of pancreatitis. Cancer confirmed in and 3 of 7 lymph nodes, none on liver or liver lymph node. Gall bladder removed no cancer there or gall bladder lymph node.

Post whipple, oncologist ordered chemo, gemzar and cisplatin followed by several weeks of once a day radiation, then finishing up with final chemo.

Am handling treatment well. Hair has thinned quite a bit and almost always feel yucky, but not too bad. Am able to eat, but have trouble keeping weight up. Currently 147. The CT scans look ok. CA19 high, in the 4-5 thousand range though.

Am on enzymes, but the orange stuff never seems to completely go away.

I will try to add more later.

Good Luck and God Bless to all who are dealing with the terrible, but beatable monster. We WILL WIN!!!

Posted 12/01/2003 08:38 pm by Ed
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