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I am the sister of Kathy Beltramea of Washburn IL. I live in Anaheim CA. Kathy was diagnosed with pacreatic cancer, stage IV in July 1997 after simply having an extreme case of generalized itching. Surgery was done immediately but they were unable to do a whipple procedure due to vein interaction (the location of the tumor). Kathy chose to undergo the chemo treatment of 5FU. The 5FU did stop the growth of the tumor and she was strong enough to be able to enjoy a wonderful trip with her parents to Florida to visit her sister and brother. Unfortunately the chemo had stopped working by May of 1998. The final round of chemo treatments made her very weak and nauseous. It was impossible for her to keep food down. My bil and her went to MD Anderson Cancer Clinic in Houston and also visited Dr. Stehlin of the Stehlin Clinic. Both facilities suggested she return home and begin treatment with Gemzar. MD Anderson had great suggestions regarding nausea and pain medications that were great for my sis. At this time we started intensive alternative medicine therapy including tinctures of dandelion root and milk thistle for the liver, colloidal silver to prevent mouth sores and viruses, hydrazine sulfate for the appetite and to prevent the "wasting away" and cancel aka cantron. I feel with all my heart many if not all these things are what helped my sister continue, along with the act of DOING SOMETHING (Hope). The chemo and cancer had made her so weak and her ammune system was so compromised that it became a tough battle. She was never strong enough to begin the Gemzar treatments without it causing her great discomfort. My wonderful sister passed on August 15, 1998 at the age of 47 years. A week before this she had developed a blockage that would not allow her to swallow at all and her throat muscles were also too weak to swallow. In her last days, she had limited pain, no ascites, no swelling and no jaundice. She passed on at home peacefully with her family surrounding her the last few days and walked into the arms of God to join her family in Heaven. My sister greatly surpassed all the "timelines" her oncologist had given her. He was always amazed to see her alive and doing as well as she was doing each time she visited him. Her GREAT strength, positive attitude, will to live, love for her family and love from her husband, children, parents and other family created daily miracles of life. Her husband continued until the last couple days to see the small but consistent progress she was making. Their attitude was always that the glass was half full, never half empty. He was the BEST and most loving caretaker anyone could EVER hope for. My sister's funeral was a tribute to the wonderful loving, constantly giving person she was here on earth. She is missed terribly by her family and friends but I do believe I've heard the angels singing in joy now that she is one of them. Til we meet again my sweet girl!

Posted 10/16/1998 09:47 pm by Barbara K
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