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I am missing you so terribly. It has been 3 long months, and I just can't realize you are gone. I want you to know that I am sooooooooo proud of you. You said you would rather die fighting, and darling Edith you really gave it a fight. So many people respect/respected you, and you give/gave them such inspiration. So many people stood for you at your funeral, and they gave thanks for having known you. You are such a sweet, Godly person, Mom. I have tried to make the cemetary like you and dad would have wanted, it looks very nice and I think you both would approve. I have run into alot of obstacles, and some problems, but I will preserve and do my best. Please Mom, just know, that I love you so. I wish I could have said more to you while you were living, but we both would have probably collapsed in our tears. People that think they have put it over on you Mom, do not know what a Godly Person you have always been. I keep watching for your birds, and I hope you can find yourself happy in heaven, just like the little birds you saw that were so happy. I tried/did my best Mom, and I wish you could have lived longer, I miss you so very much. If I had known the hospital would turn out to be such a terrible place for you, I would have kept you home. I would have never forgiven myself if I had not tried to get you help. I know you wanted to come home, and I was bringing you home the day of the morning you passed away. I love you so, and I hope you and Dad are together, and have found God's promise. Your loving daughter, Rebecca

Posted 11/08/2003 08:25 pm by Rebecca
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