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Picture of Samantha, her husband, and 3 children

Craig and I met in 1992, shortly before I graduated from high school, I was 17 and Craig was 21. Our relationship moved very quickly and we were married in September of 1993. We had the first of our 3 kids, Craig Jr., in 1994. Ashleigh was born in 1998 and little Benjamin came along in 1999. Craig was NEVER sick the entire time that I've known him, until November 2002, when he was hospitalized for pancreatitis. We found out in February that he had cancer and as it turns out, he didn't have pancreatitis. The doctor saw the beginning of his tumor( at 1 cm) in November, but blew it off. Anyway, same story as most, itching, jaundice and weight loss. Craig was 250 in November 2002 and after surgery in February was down to 169. He has gained back alittle and now weighs 180. He had a bypass done and his gall bladder removed in late February. No chemotherapy was offered because his oncologist said that islet cell tumors don't respond well to the drugs that they offer. Craig has been taking several natural supplements since March and has done well, better than the doctor expected, I think. I am so thankful that I found this board because we have found renewed hope. Craig will be going to Staten Island University Hospital soon to receive body radiosurgery. We are so hopeful that this treatment will help him. I am 29 and I have only ever loved one man and I don't intend on letting him go. I need him, the kids need him and he needs us. It has been wonderful to find a place like this where everyone is reaching out and supporting each other through this terrible disease. I think that you all are great. I wanted to share these pictures of my family because there are some of you that I feel that I know so well. I wish everyone here nothing but the best now and in the future! hugs and warm wishes, Samantha

Posted 10/25/2003 01:37 am by Samantha
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