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I am Bessie and I am 55 years old.Three years I became very ill over a period of six months.I was babysitting my grand children and planning an early retirement from my factory job of 30 years when I started having diareah.At first it was a relief because I had to spend so much time fighting constipation which my doc thot was caused by blood pressure meds.That was in August.By April of 2000 I was unable to move a muscle .My potassium levels was so low three docs thot I should haved died.It was not till I went to hospital on a Sat. in July that they were checking my gallbladder which was so big [ like the size of a football] they quit looking at that and went to my liver which had so many lesions.they knew I had cancer within an hour but they did not know what kind.Or how widespread it was.Until Mayo! thank God I went there.Now I live a good life and quit worrying so much!!In fact my husband and take turns every twelve hours worrying about whatever needs to be worried about.By the way my docs were more concerned about him than myself.So if you have islet cell cancer make sure you get a good doctor who has treated it .They most doctors will not see this in their lifetime.I am very wll advanced in this thing but I am doing good.FOR NOW!!!!

Posted 08/19/2003 04:46 pm by Bessie Williams
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