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My Mom lost her battle with this horrible beast on July 20, 2003 at the age of 65.

Mom was very curageous and strong-willed. She loved to golf, bowl, shopping 'missions' (which sometimes amounted to me tracking down things in Germany for her), her involvement in her church (which four weeks ago she turned over to a new couple and had to make sure they knew everything about doing the bulletins for Sunday services), and was a member of the White Clover Chapter 84 of the Eastern Stars, which she had Star of the year 2003, and held all rolls including her new one of Grand Representative MI/NC which she was extremely proud of. She also loved her family and friends and there was never a deed to big that she wouldn't handle, organize, etc.

My junior year in high school started out with Mom finding out she had uterus cancer. She went through many months of cobalt/radiation treatments before the surgery. We had a less than 50% chance she would make it but my fighter came out at a mere 84 lbs and was cancer free for 25 yrs, when he developed bladder cancer. She refused to let it beat her down and it never return.

Thinking back, we feel the beast captured her in Nov, 01. In March, 02 she was quite ill on a trip and when she got back, they treated her for an ulcer (she never had one). July 30, 2002, we received the dx of pc. she was angry and spent two months fighting to get the doctors attention before she was able to get to the U of MI for the aborted whipple, on Oct 19th. My angel golfed 1-2 times a day until the week before her surgery. She had 5-FU continuous and radiation at the same time but the 5-FU had to be slowed down to weekly because of mouth sores, burns to her fingers and toes. After a break, which she took a trip to FL, she started gemzar. She couldn't have cisplatin because of the problem with kidneys. She took a trip to NC, Mackinaw Island and came to visit us for Tulip Time. She made her peace with everyone so that there would never be any regrets or guilt among any one. Never doubt that in a coma, even though she mouthed over and over to us that she loved us, they do hear. We got head nods, head shakes no, and smiles. My angel planned every bit of her funeral service attending by 430 people. Before her death on July 20th, I questioned my faith a lot. I wondered how God could not only do this to my Mom but others. I have since witnessed some 'miracles' like pipe organs where it was impossible and all of her favorite birds flew in for a landing. All of her favorite birds! She spent a lot of time in the last few months watching her birds and flowers, something she wouldn't have done had she not been ill. She enjoyed being woke up to see babies doing Flying 101, which we termed for birds just leaving the nest. When she asked me why I was there, I told her to be with her. I also told her that she brought me into this world and I was there to help her on her journey. In her casket, we put the two angels I had bought for her. I couldn't remember which one had been in her aborted whipple surgery so both went with her. She knows I'm going to continue her 'fight' and that made her very proud to know that I want to do something to help people/family/friends.

Rest in peace, my precious angel, and never doubt my love and how much I will continue to miss you. I love you, Mom and will take care of Dad like I promised.

Posted 07/27/2003 11:35 pm by Theresa
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