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On January 25th at 12 noon Danny Luttrell died from Pancreatic cancer. He was 51 years old, and the son of Adalee Luttrell who at age 92 watched her son battle this horrible disease and lose his battle.He was the father of Andrew age 25, and Ashley, age 20. He loved birds and golf and skiing.He ad a wonderful smile that we will never forget. Danny worked for the National Computer Center (IRS) in Martinsburg,WV.He was a senior systems analyst there. He was employed there for 26 years, taking early retirement in Nov. 2002, after Doctors at JHH suggested that he do this. Danny was loved by all of his friends, and co-workers at the IRS center. There were over 400 people at his service. He became ill in Oct. 2002 with vague complaints of indigestion and some pain. He was not definatively diagnosed until Dec. 26th 2002. He had lost over 30 pounds and was having increasing pain,severe shortness of breath, and required hospitalization. He spent the remainder of his time on the oncology unit at City Hospital. I am his ex-wife, and a R.N.,and I am h and was his caregiver, as was my husband, who is a Hospice nurse. Danny was an incredible person and was truly loved by all who knew him. His children miss him TERRIBLY.I offer my heartfelt sympathy to anyone who has to be involved in any way with this thief of human life, this horrible disease. May god have mercy on us and bless us as we fight the good fight, and never forget the lessons learned here. GODSPEED DANNY - WE SHALL NEVER FORGET YOU! Terri

Posted 06/12/2003 04:23 pm by Terri & children
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